Happy 2013!
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art gallery board...

saw this quote and loved it so much that i decided to put it on a board with some clips to display my little artists' masterpieces;) he's so proud of his gallery and i'm so glad to declutter the fridge a little...it's a win-win!

*fyi...if you'd like to order a board like this, i did want to let you know that i do not have anymore of the black clips. found those in the $1 bins at target and now they're out...boo. the only clips i can find now are silver to match the lettering. if anyone knows where i can find other colors, please email me or leave a comment!


Bree said...

I think you can find clips like this at the office supply stores and the Container Store. I think the Container Store has a variety of colors.

elaine said...

thanks so much...i will check!

Stephanie said...

such a cute idea!!
another cute idea i've seen for displaying Christmas cards is to attach strands of ribbon to the back of the sign and use cute clothespins to attach cards,etc. that may work for artwork too.
check out
oh-sospoiled.blogspot.com to see the Christmas card holder example.