Happy 2013!
I am currently taking orders on a limited basis...email me if you are interested in placing an order!
The items listed on the Products page are now the only items available: FRAMES {various sizes},
VERSE BOARDS {of all kinds}, CANVASES & WREATHS. Blocks and Blessing Rings are no longer available.

a few more NEW announcements:)

My apologies for my recent blog absence! It has been a wild few months in our household with no signs of slowing down...well, ever, at this point!!! Who can relate?!! And while I have been MIA from the blogosphere, I have still been hard at work on orders...see recent posts and lots more to come before I'm anywhere near caught up! So...just wanted to share a few changes:

#1 - We are expecting baby #3 in the spring and in order to stay in business (and retain a shred of sanity, maybe?!) I am planning to do some streamlining as far as what products I offer. I will no longer be able to fill orders for blocks, blessing rings or wooden wall letters (unless you placed an order for one of these items before Nov. 1st:( I am so very sorry to anyone who may be disappointed, but I just have to cut back to what I can handle and this is what I think will work best. Thank you, once again, for your understanding.

#2 - In light of my previous announcement, I have been checking out some options and am now working with a printer to actually print my verse boards and family name boards on canvas, instead of them being hand lettered on a piece of wood. I am beyond excited about this and and am so impressed with how fabulous the finished product looks...much more professional that my hand lettering, for sure! The canvas' basically look the same...same size (6"x32") and same lettering design...and will actually be fine art archival quality! Distressing can also be added if you'd like and WHITE lettering is now available if that is something you're interested in. See photos below. For all orders placed after Nov. 1st, the canvas prints will be the only option and will be $50 each.


Jenny said...

Gasp!! Congratulatons!! I think I must have missed the announcement somewhere along the way (unless this post is THE official announcement). :) I'm so happy for you!!!

I have been eyeing the canvas prints hanging up in the preschool/elementary areas at church, and when I first noticed the one upstairs, I actually thought maybe you had painted it! :)