Happy 2013!
I am currently taking orders on a limited basis...email me if you are interested in placing an order!
The items listed on the Products page are now the only items available: FRAMES {various sizes},
VERSE BOARDS {of all kinds}, CANVASES & WREATHS. Blocks and Blessing Rings are no longer available.

a "loaded" blessing ring;)

finally...know some of you will be happy to see this...a blessing ring with actual blessings on it! you guys are keeping me so busy with orders, i don't have time to do any of this stuff for my own family;) you can also string your notes, etc and place them in between the ribbons as well...really just depends on how many blessings you are trying to squeeze on there! a sweet friend of mine ordered this one as a gift for a friend who was recently diagnosed with leukemia. though she is still undergoing chemo, the latest tests show that she is now leukemia free...PTL! know she is blessed by you and your friendship, kendall! if any of you have "loaded" your blessing ring, i'd love for you to email me photos!

ps - sorry for my blog absence of late. remember how i said i was going to get caught up over valentines weekend? well, not so much. we all four got the stomach virus instead. lovely. and i've been even further behind ever since. lots more posts to come!


Kendall Jones said...

Thanks for sharing on your blog! I know she loved it!

Jenny said...

Yea! :) It looks great! I love how she trimmed the edges of the cards. Thanks for posting!