Happy 2013!
I am currently taking orders on a limited basis...email me if you are interested in placing an order!
The items listed on the Products page are now the only items available: FRAMES {various sizes},
VERSE BOARDS {of all kinds}, CANVASES & WREATHS. Blocks and Blessing Rings are no longer available.

Coming soon!

Come back soon...hoping to have everything up and running by next week! Thanks for stopping by!


Our Family said...

Your things are BEAUTIFUL. I'm sitting here thinking... who do I know that needs something. I'll let you know.

carozza said...

you are too talented. wish you lived closer so honeychild could have been put into action. i'll spread the word. Love the blocks. hadn't seen those before. super cute!

The Ward Family said...

you are so talented! im glad you are sharing it...can't wait to place my first order!

the boyd girls.... said...

All my friends are so creative! :) Love all the fun stuff!
Lets get together soon!

Amber Lanning Photography said...

You are amazing!!!! I would love to add your site to my new blog!!! You can make such amazing things I love it!!!!!! So play-date next week maybe? We are officially in school now so its just poor little Jack all my himself.

Amanda said...

Elaine, I am SOOO impressed!!! All of your stuff is awesome! Great job. :-)